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5 Step Social Media Marketing Plan for Lawn Care Companies

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Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to create awareness for your lawn care business. The correct strategy can lead to new customer acquisition as well as improved retention of your current lawn care customers.

Here are a few quick bullet points that highlight why using social media to market your landscaping business can be highly effective:

  • Social media has become highly visual over the past few years. The services your business provides create an opportunity to create an incredible amount of visual content – both images and video – to highlight your work and then share it on social media.

  • Consumers love to view how-to and informational-style content on social media. Your landscaping business can create content that features specific horticultural tips, lawn care how-to videos related to weed prevention, etc. The possibilities are endless.

  • You can announce special offers and savings that are marketed as “social media exclusive,” which provides incentives for your followers to remain engaged with your business.

  • The type of content you can create as a lawn service business is exactly the kind of content that consumers love to engage with when you include an engagement-inviting call-to-action. An image of a perfectly manicured lawn after a fresh cut with the CTA “Who wants their lawn to look like this?” will attract likes, comments, and shares, which further promotes your lawn care business across social media.

Many businesses fail miserably when it comes to social media marketing because they don’t have a plan, nor do they know how to approach it correctly. Randomly posting without a road map will lead you nowhere. Here is a simple five-step lawn care social media marketing plan to help your business succeed.

1. Identify the Best Social Media Platforms to Market Your Lawn Care Business

You never want to limit your business to only marketing on one platform, yet you don’t want to spread yourself too thin across several, especially if they aren’t the best environments to attract your target customer.

Three social media networks are ideal for a lawn service business to be active on, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit your activity to just these. What works for one business isn’t going to necessarily generate the same results for the other.

Here are the top three platforms to have a solid presence on:

Facebook: The most active social network for the perfectly aligned age demographic of homeowners. This is where the majority of your organic and paid focus should be. The targeting options available via Facebook Ads is unmatched.

Instagram: The visual component can be leveraged very well by a landscaping business. Showcase your work throughout your Instagram feed and make sure your link in the profile bio directs consumers to a quote or information request page on your website.

TikTok: Captivating content can go viral on TikTok, which is great for brand awareness. A great strategy is to use TikTok as a feeder to your other social profiles. One strategy that works well is to link your Instagram page to TikTok directly and include your Facebook URL in the bio.

These are a great starting point, and as you begin to experience success and a return you can then explore testing additional platforms.

2. Establish a Content Posting Schedule According to Your Following and Scale Accordingly

The frequency at which you post content needs to correlate with the size of your audience. If you are just starting and you have 25 followers on Facebook there is no need to post three times a day – that type of content saturation will overwhelm your audience causing them to unfollow your business.

On the other hand, if you have 10,000 followers your audience is so large that you want to make sure you ‘touch’ as much of them as possible. This requires multiple posts as not all users are logged in at the same time.

There isn’t a specific formula that is guaranteed to work. It requires a little common sense and logical thinking. It’s best to tread lightly in the beginning as you want to retain as many of your followers as possible. As your audience grows you can become more aggressive with the content volume.

3. Budget for Professional Quality Images and Video Content

Your lawn service social media marketing campaigns will benefit greatly from professional quality images and video content. If you have the available budget to hire a professional photographer to shoot a bunch of content, do so. It will always outperform amateur content.

It’s possible to do one session and create enough content to last for several months. If you would rather do it on your own, invest in a decent camera and learn how to edit images using Adobe’s suite of image and video editing software.

There are several video tutorials available on YouTube. The advantage to the DIY approach is having the ability to create content on the fly and not having to rely on a professional photographer and his or her availability schedule.

Anytime your company completes a large-scale project take pictures – a lot of them. This will give you a nice selection of content to use as a base. Remember, avoid a stock photography feel. Get creative with angles. Add music and animation to videos. Put the effort into creating the best landscaping content on social media and your engagement rate will benefit greatly.

4. Run Paid Social Media Ads for Your Lawn Care Business to Amplify Your Reach

When it comes to paid advertising you cannot beat the value and ROI potential of Facebook ads. The targeting options allow you to not only laser-target users in your local community but also use intelligent strategies to target users that have an extremely high probability of being a homeowner.

Creating content that receives a lot of engagement on social media is great, but it only benefits your landscaping business if those individuals live in your area and require lawn care and related services.

You can run ads for a follower campaign, driving local users to connect with your Facebook page or you can directly market a specific offer, which drives consumers to a landing page on your website to convert them into a quote request submission.

Both options have a specific benefit. Building your followers via paid ads gives you a much larger targeted audience to market to organically in the future. Ads that present and offer allow you to generate new customers much faster, injecting revenue back into your lawn care business.

Your landscaping Facebook ads campaign should include both types of campaigns for the best results.

5. Establish Measurements of Success for Your Lawn Service Social Media Marketing Campaign

Posting on social media without a plan or a way to track results is a recipe for failure. You will never know how your effort is performing unless you set benchmarks and constantly monitor your results.

Not all success has to be measured in dollars, either. Part of an intelligent landscaping social media marketing campaign is growing your following to give you a larger audience to market to in the future.

If your goal for organic posts is to grow your following, monitor how many new followers on average each piece of content generates and what content formats produce the best results. This allows you to gain insight that you can apply to future content creation and planning.

For paid ads, you are provided with incredible data and insight – Facebook ads are highly measurable. With the correct pixel tracking setup, you can account for every penny spent. You can see click costs, your average lead cost, and a final average customer acquisition cost. Continuously optimize your efforts until you reach the desired costs.

Final Thoughts

When you know how to approach it correctly, your social media marketing effort can help put your lawn service business in front of a huge local audience. As you learn how to increase your following and then leverage it for further growth you will see first-hand how social media can deliver one of the best ROIs.

Not every landscaping business has the time or manpower to run its social media marketing campaigns, and we understand that. Our landscape social media marketing service is designed to allow you to focus on running your business while our team of expert lawn care marketing professionals handles your campaign.

If you would like to learn more about our online marketing services for lawn care companies please contact us today for more information. Additionally, our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the lawn service social media marketing tips we discussed above.

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