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5 Ways Your Lawn Care Business Can Create Recurring Revenue and Boost Lifetime Value

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You worked hard to capture a lead, provide excellent lawn care service and didn’t sell the customer into an ongoing package? That’s a missed opportunity. When it comes to your lawn care and gardening business, recurring revenue streams can significantly boost your bottom line while ensuring long-term customer relationships.

By offering services that benefit your customers on an ongoing basis, you increase your customer lifetime value and establish a reliable income source. It’s the ultimate win-win for both parties.

Remember: your best leads are the ones you already have. Why? Because they’re the least expensive to market to and they already know, like and trust you (if you did it right) and are the easiest to sell more of your lawn care services to.

In this blog post, you’ll discover the five ways to turn one-off lawn care sales into recurring revenue that gives you (and your customers) ultimate peace of mind and ensures you build a recession-proof business that continues to grow.

Strategy #1: Think Outside The Box

Instead of thinking like a typical lawn-care service business, look at subscription models that make ongoing revenue off one sale. This approach requires thinking outside of the box and finding creative ways to package, price and offer your services.

To increase client lifetime value, offer seasonal maintenance packages tailored to your customer’s needs. These packages can include services like spring and fall cleanups, fertilization, weed control, and pruning. By bundling these services, you not only provide convenience to your lawn care customers but ensure steady work throughout the year.

For example, offer a “Spring Refresh” package that includes lawn aeration, mulching, and trimming. Similarly, a “Winter Prep” package can include leaf removal, tree pruning, and lawn overseeding. These packages allow your customers to budget for their lawn care needs and receive consistent, quality service from your business without having to be sold again.

Strategy #2: Regular Lawn Mowing and Care

Lawn mowing is a recurring task for homeowners, making it an excellent opportunity for steady revenue. Implement a subscription-based service for regular lawn maintenance, where customers can choose weekly or bi-weekly mowing services.

This approach not only simplifies their lives by avoiding the hassles of calling and scheduling services but ensures a steady income stream and workload for your business. Additionally, consider including lawn fertilization and weed control as part of the subscription to provide added value and improve the overall health of your customer’s lawns.

Strategy #3: Year-Round Plant Care

Many customers have beautiful gardens and landscapes that require ongoing care. Develop a plant care program that includes seasonal planting, pruning, fertilizing, and pest control. By offering year-round plant care, you can help their gardens thrive while securing recurring revenue for your business.

For example, offer a “Garden Guardian” program that provides monthly or quarterly visits to assess and care for plants, ensuring they remain healthy and vibrant throughout the year. Make sure to “sell” these packages not only for the deliverables your customers receive but the peace of mind that comes with year-round care they never have to think twice about.

Strategy #4: Irrigation System Maintenance

Efficient irrigation systems are crucial for maintaining healthy lawns and gardens. Create a subscription-based irrigation system maintenance service that includes regular inspections, repairs, and winterization. By ensuring that your customer’s irrigation systems are in optimal condition year-round, you can increase their satisfaction, stay top of mind, and continue to create predictable revenue.

In addition, make sure to send reminders for scheduled maintenance appointments to keep your customer’s systems running smoothly to reduce the risk of costly repairs down the road—creating even more savings and protection from engaging with your lawn care services.

Strategy #5: Personalized Lawn Care Plans

Every lawn and garden is unique, and customers appreciate personalized solutions. Conduct assessments of their properties and create customized lawn care plans that address their specific needs and goals. These plans can include a combination of services such as lawn fertilization, pest control, and disease prevention.

Regularly review and adjust these plans based on the changing seasons and the condition of your customer’s lawns and gardens. By showing that you’re invested in their property’s health and beauty, you can build long-lasting relationships and increase client lifetime value.

Your Best Customer? The One You Already Have

Creating recurring revenue and increasing customer lifetime value in your lawn care or gardening business requires thoughtful planning and a commitment to delivering exceptional service.

By offering seasonal maintenance packages, regular lawn mowing and care subscriptions, year-round plant care, irrigation system maintenance, and personalized lawn care plans, you can provide consistent value to your clients while ensuring a steady income stream for your business.

Remember that building trust and delivering outstanding results are key to retaining clients and encouraging them to invest in recurring services. By implementing these strategies, your lawn care or gardening business can thrive and enjoy sustained growth long-term.

If you’re ready to discover how we can help you stand out in the lawn care business, boost your leads and generate recurring revenue, our team is here to help. We focus on helping service-based businesses leverage digital marketing that increases the quality and value of leads, boosts revenue and turns one-time sales into recurring revenue.

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